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Meet the HVACR “crew”
 From the Director, Chris Compton

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and superior education in the HVACR industry for your organization and clients.  As we strive to build and expand our services and partnerships in order to maintain quality education, remember we are always here to assist you with you HVACR education needs.  I am very proud to bring you a superior crew to meet your needs.

Chris Compton, CEO and Director
Chris ComptonChris, a 17 year HVACR instructor at North Idaho College, saw a unique opportunity in online education to help traditional and non-degree seeking students, contractors, and the HVACR industry in general (all those searching for a way to educate their workers) to be 1) successful in the ICE and NATE exams, 2) to enter the HVACR trade, 3) re-train for a career change, and 4) refresh knowledge and skills for everybody interested in quality online learning at their convenience.

Chris is a specialist in online curriculum development, the psychology behind online learning, creating web pages, use of video instruction, and learning through the web. Chris is the CEO, Project Director, and Content Development Manager (as well as chief cook and bottle washer) of the online effort called HVACRedu.net.

Chris brings with him a total of 31 years experience in the HVACR field. He is certified at the Installation and Service level in five of the NATE certifications. In 1998 he was selected as one of the top 10 outstanding Trades and Industry Educators in the U.S. by ACTE (Association of Career and Technical Education) formally AVA (American Vocational Association). He received the Imperial award from RSES for his CMS (Commercial Refrigeration) in 1997 and is a CMS member of RSES. Chris serves as a consultant, advisor, and board member to HVACR and online learning efforts all across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Chris can be reached at ccompton@hvacredu.net or look for him at an HVACR conference.


Carmen Compton, Accounting and Bookstore Manager
Carmen ComptonIt is very exciting to be part of the online education with HVACRedu.net.  My accounting background starts 30 years ago when I worked in the cash office for a major retailer (when it was done on paper).  From there my husband (Chris) started an HVACR contracting business and I took on the responsibilities of accounting and office manager for the next 9 years which included accounts receivable, accounts payable, reporting, payroll, and taxes.  I have had the excellent fortune of working along side a first class accounting firm.  For the past 8 years I have been the Accounting and Bookstore Manager for HVACRedu.net with all the accounting responsibilities mentioned before and all the textbook orders.  I have attended many workshops regarding payroll, taxes, and more; and I have successfully completed the Mastering QuickBooks seminar.  In my spare time I enjoy gardening, fishing, hunting, and just being outdoors.


Emily Compton, National Accounts Manager and Student Services
Emily Compton Howdy! I am Emily Compton your National Accounts Manager and Student Services Director.  I have been working with HVACRedu.net since December 2004 while attending college. I graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Systems after studying at North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene and Western Washington University in Bellingham. I grew up in a family who taught me first hand the value of the HVAC business and education. Luckily I have had the opportunity to grow with the company and really learn the needs of our students and our clients. We can work through the technical details of a multitude of course delivery models to meet our clients’ educational needs. In my free time I am a competitive adventure racer and I enjoy biking, rock climbing, and trail running with my dog Jax.


David Hammack, Simulation Writer
Dave Hammack David has training and experience from dual backgrounds in construction and computer technology.  His formal education comes from the Art Institute of Seattle, WA where he studied Computer Animation and 3D design becoming proficient in 3D Studio Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Windows based operating systems.  It helps that he has a passion for video games.  Couple that with his six years of management training, and three years residential construction training and experience, and he has the perfect skill set for the trades online education.  David said, “I feel that HVACR Education is pushing the envelope of conventional education and I am proud to be a part of it.  I have the best job in the world.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with my wife, Skiing, Cooking, Camping, hanging out with my friends, and playing video games.”   


Phoebe Harker-Rivera, Spanish Translator
Phoebe Harker-RiveraPhoebe is our Spanish Language Translation expert.  After studying in Spain, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT.  Then she spent a year in Santiago, Chile.  She continued her studies earning a Master of Arts in Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.  After college, she has accumulated a broad set of translation work experiences over the span of 22 years.  Some include working in investment and finance with Lehman Brothers, in Chicago, IL; and SG Cowen Securities, and Cowen & Co.  In addition, she was one of the Editors for a major newspaper in northern Mexico; a Bilingual Medical Historian for Gilbert Medical Group; Accounts Manager for a publishing company; and a Bilingual Legal Assistant for a law firm in California.  Woven amongst all her other enterprises she has provided independent Freelance Translation services for a broad spectrum of clients and interests.  Phoebe is translating our online courses into Spanish, one at a time. 


Patricia Leiser, CEO Executive Assistant, Administration, PR, Sales & Marketing
Patricia Leiser Like many of you, I have a passion for education and lifelong learning.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Education/Business from the University of Idaho where I transferred after two years at Gonzaga University.  I also studied with Berean Bible College and Riverside Community College.  I bring to you 35 years of work experience in business and education.  I have worked as a Classroom Aide, Special Ed Tutor, Preschool Director, Secretary, Office Manager at a doctor’s office and at a university, Assistant for the Dean of Education at a private university, Administrative Assistant to Professional-Technical Education at a community college, and Human Resources Coordinator for a public school district and a number of volunteer activities.  I believe the future of education is online, and employment opportunities are in the trades.  I am honored to work with HVACRedu.net and dedicate myself to providing excellent service to our students, clients, faculty, and crew. 

On a personal note, I have a nice little office with a view of the forest from our cabin in the woods.  I love the northwest because I can go right outside and enjoy hiking, cross country skiing, biking, canoeing, and camping—my favorite activities; and in the summer I grow a garden.  I look forward to working with each of you.


Dan Linthicum, Development Coordinator
Daniel Linthicum Hello, my name is Dan Linthicum.  I'm very excited to see your interest in online education and specifically HVACRedu.net!  I have a diverse background working as an Equipment Operator in a steam power plant, Retail Operations Supervisor and Human Resources Trainer for an oil company, Owner of several small businesses dealing with computer systems, training materials, books and gifts, consulting, and I’ve worked in construction, remodeling, and property project management.  Then, just to round out my skill set, I am a musician and sound and recording technician.  In my close to 37 years involved in business operations, management and employee selection and training, what has always impressed me is the importance of keeping ourselves open to new opportunities for expansion and growth, personally and in our career goals and relationships.  Education is the key to that growth and online education is the cutting edge, 21st century method to achieve and realize those expectations.  I'm looking forward to the many new horizons and potential for learning here at HVACRedu.net.


Justin Lloyd,  Technology Director
Justin LloydHello there! My experience in the industry began in 1992 when I was a delivery driver for a commercial Plumbing/HVAC company in Portland, Oregon. Although we were primarily a commercial plumbing company, we had a single HVAC employee that always encouraged me to join the local union HVAC apprenticeship program. My next venture was driving for a commercial plumbing and HVAC supply company. Again, I was approached by several HVAC technicians that encouraged me to enter the industry as an apprentice HVAC technician. Though I never joined the Union, this planted a seed of interest when it came time to decide which career path to take.
In 1998, I took my wife's advice and returned to school. I enrolled in the HVACR program at North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Chris Compton (The founder of HVACRedu.net) was my instructor. After I graduated from North Idaho College, I landed a really good job with the largest Oil heating and cooling company West of the Mississippi. After 911, the company was struggling due to the economic down-turn. This prompted a massive layoff. Suddenly I found myself back up at North Idaho where I reunited with Chris Compton. Chris approached me with HVACRedu.net on January 20th of 2002 and have been there ever since. During my time with HVACRedu.net, I've been educated by the brightest in the HVACR industry as well as the brightest of the WWW (World Wide Web).
I started out with HVACRedu.net as a simple editor of course content. Since then, I have developed many computer skills such as html, adobe Photoshop, flash, server integration etc. HVACRedu.net is currently providing me with the necessary training and education to broaden my talents. I'm well on my way to becoming a certified webmaster. Currently I'm directly or indirectly responsible for 28 websites and Ecommerce stores. Here I am today, the Technology Director for HVACRedu.net. Loving what I do and very optimistic for our future.


Natasha Wagner, Registrar and Student Services
Natasha Wagner Hello, my name is Natasha Wagner; I’m the Registrar and Student Services Assistant here at HVACRedu.net.  I received my Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Idaho with endorsements in Social Studies and Natural Science.  In addition, I received the Technical Competency Certificate from the Idaho State Board of Education.  I have five years of teaching experience in North Idaho schools before joining the crew at HVACRedu.net.  My dedication for learning and student success drives my commitment to helping students navigate through their educational pursuits.

In my spare time, I enjoy mountain bike riding, hiking, gardening, cooking and most of all spending time with my family. I am excited to be a part of your online learning experience.  If I can be of assistance to you, please contact me at natasha@hvcacreducation.net. 


Meet the Faculty

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