Most Essential Jobs? HVACR Leads The Way!

In our rapidly changing world, staying ahead of the challenges presented by a shifting economy and job market is not an easy task. As a result of many losing their jobs due to pandemic-related issues such as health protection, supply chain problems or even staff cutbacks, a recent trend has been to identify several positions or jobs as “essential”. Several sources offer lists of these important positions, and have brought to light some interesting details, such as the wide array of jobs and the emphasis we place on them. What we find is that “essential” or necessary workers are present in most companies from entry-level all the way up to management and executive positions. But one important detail is missing in ALL of these lists.

Without HVACR technicians, most ‘essential jobs” would cease to operate.

Let’s take a closer look at some of these essential positions:

Physicians/Medical Workers – Who can argue with the need for more and more qualified doctors in our world? But unless HVAC technicians have prepared the building he, (or she), will be working in with proper and regular HVAC maintenance, the good doctor will have to stay home. Hospitals and clinics must have fully functioning HVAC systems in place and under regular supervision to assure the safe and comfortable environment necessary for patients and staff alike. Without it, the hospital would close, and all jobs taking place in the building would be lost.

Food Industry Workers – Our food chain and the work force driving it includes an array of essential positions, from product stocking to corporate management . . . all taking place in a building filled with HVAC equipment of all kinds – refrigeration units, freezers, air conditioning and heating equipment, ventilation systems, etc. So again, unless qualified HVAC technicians have prepared all of these systems and have a steady hand on the maintenance and operation of this equipment, the entire facility will be unable to open.  No HVAC?  – no jobs here. (No food either . . . )

Transport/Delivery – Vehicles of all kinds keep our supply chain of necessary goods and materials moving – obviously an essential part of a healthy community. But where are these vehicles delivering to? Hospitals, warehouses, grocery stores, restaurants . . . all of these delivery destinations have one thing in common – HVAC systems up and running to ensure the safe environment necessary for operation. No HVAC? Sorry truck driver, no deliveries here.

Educators/School Administrators – Our educators and the work they do is unquestionably essential. These dedicated workers struggle every day to prepare our children, as well as students of all ages,  to meet the challenges they face in our ever-changing world, creating opportunities and breathing new life into our communities. Where do they work this miracle? You guessed it – in a school or university building of some sort, which again, can only function and allow all these workers to operate if HVAC technicians have installed the proper equipment and have an effective maintenance program in place, to ensure comfort and safety for everyone inside.

These are only a few of the “essential” jobs whose operations depend on well-maintained, fully functioning HVAC systems to provide the environment and conditions necessary to conduct daily business. The complexity of such HVAC systems offers a wide variety of jobs from installing and maintaining heating and cooling systems, refrigeration systems, ventilation and air handling systems . . .  to computerized building automation running multiple systems with modern digital controllers of all types. The HVAC  field is one of the biggest employers in the country, since the need for safe and healthy conditions are required for most jobs taking place indoors. HVAC paves the way for the workforce to operate in the manner they need to.

No HVAC? – No Jobs!

Conclusion? If you are looking for an “essential” job or career choice, consider HVACR, (the R is for refrigeration), since it is a fundamental part of most business operations. Here at, we offer complete on-line HVAC training programs and courses to prepare the aspiring technician for employment in any area of the HVAC industry. Choose a career in this important and lucaritive industry today and become an “essentail” part of your community.

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