NATE Training and Certification Prep Online

NATE Training and Certification Prep Online

NATE-Recognized Online HVAC Training

Accredited Online HVAC Courses

New and Affordable Online HVAC Training Plan

NATE Training and Certification Prep Online just got a whole lot easier and affordable.  HVACR technicians thinking about earning North American Technician Excellence Certification and NATE Certified Technicians have a great new Online HVAC training option:

For only $19 monthly (no contract-cancel any time) – you can enroll in the Online NATE Training Plan

NATE is the most recognized national certification for HVACR Technicians; and is the best Online HVAC training
with the goal of student success.

Nothing benchmarks a technician’s success more than nationally recognized industry certifications.

If you are working toward NATE Certification, we suggest you start with the FREE Trial CHP-5 Exam because It will show your existing knowledge in each of the five domains. Your results will provide you with a Professional Education Plan (PEP) made up of a list of recommended courses and / or reviews that will bring your knowledge up to the standard for each knowledge domain and direct you to successfully pass the CHP-5 Certification Exams. Once you’re ready, you can take the exams in any order with confidence.

There are 5 sections of the Online NATE Training plan.

Choose which section will help you achieve your career goals best.

When you’re finished with everything you want to learn in that section, choose another section until your training is complete.

1. HVAC Fundamentals – 32 different instructional modules, covering 72 instructional hours of online NATE recognized training.

2. Electrical and Controls – 25 different instructional modules, covering 75 instructional hours of online NATE recognized training.

3. Comfort and Air Flow – 27 different instructional modules, covering 75 instructional hours of online NATE recognized training.

4. HVAC Installation – 25 different instructional modules, covering 70 instructional hours of online NATE recognized training.

5. Service and Maintenance – 54 different instructional modules, covering 150 instructional hours of online NATE recognized training.

Continuing Education Hours

If you’re already NATE Certified and looking for Continuing Education (CE Hours), select the section that contains the topic you want to use for NATE CEU’s. You can earn all or some of your continuing education hours with this Online HVAC Training plan. All courses are NATE Recognized and include a downloadable PDF Certificate of Completion when you earn a grade of 70% or higher. You can email the Certificate to NATE for credit.

Access – Online HVAC Training plan is open 24 hours a day every day so working adults can access their courses at a time that works with their busy schedules. Start your program any time of any day. It was designed to support working technicians who are juggling work, family, and other life demands. This flexibility allows you to complete the program and achieve your career goals.

Quality – The very best HVACR professional educators have written and reviewed every learning module so you are learning from the best. Every learning module contains a variety of learning resources to help you understand and hold onto the knowledge you need to be the best technician. All our courses & programs are NATE Recognized training, HVAC Excellence and Better Business Bureau Accredited.

Experience – We’ve been delivering high quality online HVAC training for 25 years with thousands of satisfied students and employers.

Certificate of Completion – As you complete each course with a grade of 70% or higher, you will receive your certificate of completion as a downloadable PDF. You can then send it to NATE for CE credit. Your career is limitless, and the wants to help you achieve all your career goals.

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