HVACRedu.net Joins NASRC to Reduce HFC Emissions

NASRC - Proud Member

HVACRedu.net partners with NASRC to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerants

HVACRedu.net is proud to announce its affiliation with the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), an action-oriented environmental nonprofit working towards the most impactful solution to climate change. Together with the supermarket industry, the NASRC is reducing greenhouse gas emissions from hydrofluorocarbon refrigerants (HFCs) and paving the way for climate-friendly natural refrigerants.

HFCs are commonly used refrigerants that are potent greenhouse gases, trapping thousands of times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and growing faster than any other greenhouse gas on the planet. Transitioning to climate-friendly natural refrigerants is the most effective way to eliminate emissions from HFCs. However, natural refrigerants have unique market barriers that must be addressed to scale adoption and unlock their tremendous climate benefits.

NASRC is Making Strides in Promoting Widespread Adoption of Climate-Friendly Refrigerants in the Supermarket Industry

The NASRC is a powerful network of supermarket industry stakeholders working together to remove the barriers preventing the adoption of climate-friendly natural refrigerants. With over 150 organizations from every sector of the commercial refrigeration industry, including more than 38,000 food retail locations, the NASRC is making meaningful progress towards the widespread adoption of natural refrigerants in supermarkets. This includes coordinating funding for natural refrigerant technologies, accelerating training for contractors and service technicians, advising government agencies on policy and technical applications, contributing to industry best practices, standards, and codes, leading solutions-oriented events, workshops, trainings, and connecting key stakeholders and sharing knowledge.  HVACRedu.net contributes to the effort by offering an expanding and extensive Commercial Refrigeration Program available to learners world-wide.  

HVACRedu.net and NASRC Working Together to Promote Sustainable Refrigeration Practices and Reduce HFC Emissions through Education and Training

Joining the NASRC, HVACRedu.net is committed to reducing HFC emissions and promoting climate-friendly natural refrigerants. By working together, we can combat climate change with sustainable refrigeration practices through education and training of the Refrigeration technician workforce.

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