Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply.

Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply.

Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply.

Refrigeration is a vital component of the world’s food supply. It is used to store and transport perishable goods, keeping them fresh and safe for consumption. However, the demand for refrigeration technicians is increasing as the world’s population grows and new technologies emerge.

The United States Department of Labor estimates that the need for refrigeration technicians will increase by 15% between 2016 and 2026. This demand is driven by the need to maintain existing refrigeration systems, retrofit older systems to meet new environmental regulations, and install new systems that use alternative refrigerants.

To address this growing need, has developed the Commercial Refrigeration and Rack Tech Programs. These online programs provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to service and maintain commercial refrigeration systems.

Programs To Train Today's Refrigeration Technicians

The Commercial Refrigeration Program begins with the Fundamentals of Refrigeration, taught by Chris Compton, before moving on to advanced courses taught by Dick Wirz. These courses cover topics such as refrigeration principles, evaporators, condensers, compressors, metering devices, controls, accessories, motors, and refrigerants.

Students will also learn about common service issues and troubleshooting procedures, giving them the confidence to service walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and commercial ice makers.

The Rack Tech Program developed with Bob Feathers is an advanced program that is perfect for HVACR technicians and contractors who want to better understand refrigeration systems used in commercial applications like stores, warehouses, restaurants, and product and food services.

This program covers topics such as market refrigeration, parallel and un-parallel rack systems, oil management, head pressure control, heat reclaim, liquid distribution, case temperature control, defrost applications, compressor protection, and system capacity control.

Students who enroll in these programs are given access to online asynchronous independent study, allowing them to login at their convenience 24/7/365. The program is NATE recognized for 30 hours of continuing education, which are applicable to NATE re-certification.

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Refrigeration mechanics are needed now more than ever. With the increasing demand for refrigeration systems, it is important that trained technicians are available to maintain, retrofit, and install new systems. These programs from provide a valuable resource for those looking to enter or advance in the field of refrigeration.

As the world’s population grows, the demand for refrigeration will only increase. It is important that we have trained technicians available to maintain these systems and ensure that our food supply remains safe and secure.‘s Commercial Refrigeration and Rack Tech Programs are a valuable resource for those looking to enter or advance in the field of refrigeration.

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