Facilities Engineering Technician Program


In today’s rapidly evolving world, the demand for skilled facilities engineering technicians is on the rise. As technology advances and industries expand, businesses require qualified professionals to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of their facilities.

HVACRedu.net’s Facilities Engineering Technician (FET) Program is a comprehensive online training program designed to meet the needs of facility engineering employees across the globe. This program offers customizable options to address the specific requirements of different operations, making it a valuable resource for employers and managers.

Flexible and Customizable Training

The FET Training program stands out for its flexibility and customizability. Employers have the freedom to prioritize and direct the training based on their operation’s pressing needs. Whether you need HVAC training, Commercial Refrigeration / Rack Tech expertise, Building Automation skills, Boiler Technician knowledge, Chiller Mechanic proficiency, Metasys Tech familiarity, Water Treatment understanding, or a comprehensive HVAC Training Subscription Program, HVACRedu.net has you covered.

Online Learning

The FET program is delivered entirely online, allowing employees to access the training material anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a reliable web connection. This approach ensures that learners can progress through the program while balancing their professional responsibilities with their training commitments. The employer or manager can guide the training schedule to align with the operational requirements, optimizing the learning process.

Expertly Developed Curriculum

HVACRedu.net’s FET program sets itself apart by offering courses and programs developed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Certified Master HVAC Educators (CMHEs). The curriculum is designed to provide practical and up-to-date knowledge that meets industry standards. Learners can rest assured that they are receiving top-quality education from experienced professionals who understand the unique challenges of facility engineering.

Comprehensive Support and Reporting

To ensure a seamless learning experience, HVACRedu.net provides comprehensive support to both students and employers. Regular reporting of student progress and grades is sent to the designated point of contact (POC) on a weekly basis. Additionally, students and company management have direct access to a dedicated student services team during business hours. This support system facilitates open communication and ensures that any questions or concerns regarding the training program can be promptly addressed.

Accessible Faculty Support

HVACRedu.net goes the extra mile to empower learners by offering direct access to CMHE and SME faculty support through video, telephone, and email during business hours. This enables students to seek guidance and clarification directly from industry experts, further enhancing their learning experience and providing valuable insights into real-world scenarios.

Enrollment Made Easy

The enrollment process for HVACRedu.net’s FET Program is quick and simple, allowing employers to get their technicians and employees started on their training journey without unnecessary delays. The program offers bundled discounts for three or more registrant-students, making it a cost-effective solution for organizations seeking to up-skill their workforce.


As the demand for skilled facility engineering technicians continues to grow, HVACRedu.net’s Facilities Engineering Technician Program offers a comprehensive and customizable solution. With flexible online learning, expertly developed curriculum, comprehensive support, and accessible faculty assistance, this program equips employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their roles. By investing in the FET program, employers and managers can build a strong workforce capable of meeting the challenges of the future. Contact HVACRedu.net today to explore the possibilities and take a personalized tour of the courses and programs available.

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