Todd Kler and Esco’s Clifton Beck on ‘The Inverter Evolution’

We’re excited to announce that‘s very own Certified Master HVAC Educator (CMHE), Todd Kler, recently appeared on Esco Institute’s “Did You Know – The Esco HVAC Show” Podcast, hosted by Clifton Beck.

In this illuminating episode, Todd shared his invaluable insights into one of the HVAC/R industry’s most transformative advancements – the shift from conventional systems to inverter technology.


The Age of Inverters: What it Means for the HVAC/R Industry

The episode, aptly titled “Are YOU ready for the Inverter Evolution?”, explores how the HVAC/R industry has undergone remarkable changes, akin to the automotive industry’s pivotal move from carburetors to fuel injection. Todd Kler, alongside Clifton Beck, delves into the history, advantages, and educational aspects of inverter technology in HVAC/R systems.

A Revolution in Energy Efficiency

According to Todd Kler, the transition to inverter technology is much more than a mere change in hardware; it represents a paradigm shift in how we think about energy efficiency, performance, and user comfort. Inverter systems not only reduce energy consumption but also provide more precise climate control.

A Tale of Two Industries: HVAC/R and Automotive

One of the standout moments from the podcast is when Todd and Clifton draw parallels between the HVAC/R industry’s transition to inverters and the automotive industry’s adoption of fuel injection. Both shifts symbolize an evolution toward more efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly systems.

The Educator’s Perspective

As an educational institution focused on the HVAC/R trade, we cannot emphasize enough how critical it is for aspiring technicians and current industry professionals to be conversant with inverter technology. Todd and Clifton touched upon how to integrate these developments into educational curricula to equip the next generation of HVAC/R technicians.

Todd Kler, Certified Master HVACR Educator - CMHE

Todd Kler, CMHE –

Why This Podcast Episode Matters to You

Stay Updated:

In a rapidly evolving industry like HVAC/R, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is crucial for long-term success.

Insights from Experts:

The episode features a deep dive from industry experts. Todd Kler’s extensive experience as a CMHE lends the discussion an extra layer of credibility and know-how.

Educational Value:

For educators and students alike, the episode outlines how inverter technology can be integrated into a comprehensive HVAC/R educational program.

Global Relevance:

Energy efficiency is a global concern, and the insights provided in this episode have broad applications, extending far beyond just the HVAC/R industry.

Next Steps:

Clifton Beck, Host, “Did You Know –  The Esco HVAC Show”

We encourage you to watch/listen to this enlightening episode of “Did You Know“. Understanding the inverter evolution is crucial for anyone involved in the HVAC/R industry, from technicians and educators to business owners.

As always, remains committed to providing top-notch education and resources for HVAC/R professionals. A big thank you to Todd Kler for representing us so excellently on such a vital platform!

For more information on inverter technology and other HVAC/R topics, continue to explore our website or contact us for specialized courses and training programs.

As Clifton says, Let’s go VROOM VROOM towards the Inverter Boom! 🚗💨💡

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