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Todd Kler's African Adventure

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A New Era of HVAC/R Excellence

Greetings, HVAC/R enthusiasts! We’re thrilled to share the incredible journey of our Lead Subject Matter Expert & Director of Academic Affairs for, Todd Kler, CMHE, as he embarked on an unforgettable adventure to South Africa with the BioFi team. 

This trip was more than just a professional engagement; it was a mission to spread the gospel of HVAC/R education across continents, fostering connections and inspiring future generations of technicians and educators who may not be accustomed to or aware of the fruitful offerings of the HVAC/R trade. 

This journey and engagement touched the lives of many, leaving those in attendance on the edge of their seats wanting more due to the deep engagement and interactive exercises/teachings presented.

A Warm Welcome in Ekurhuleni East

Todd’s adventure began on May 13th, 2024, at the Ekurhuleni East TVET College, where he was met with eager faces and enthusiastic hearts. The keynote presentation, “Empowering HVAC/R Education,” set the stage for what was to come. Todd’s 30-minute introduction was a visionary outlook on the future of HVAC/R education, captivating the audience with his extensive knowledge and contagious passion. The day was marked by engaging activities, hands-on learning, and the promise of a bright future in HVAC/R.


Exploring the FUN-damentals and Cutting-Edge Innovations

The second day at Ekurhuleni West Campus was all about continuing to dive deep into the FUN-damentals of HVAC/R. Todd’s session, lasting about 90 minutes, was a blend of core concepts and practical applications. Attendees were treated to a unique learning experience, where the theoretical met the practical in the most engaging ways possible.

But that wasn’t all! Todd introduced the attendees to the world of virtual reality with a 20 minute session on innovative training using VR. This cutting-edge approach is setting new standards in the HVAC/R industry, making learning more immersive and interactive than ever before.


Technological Leaps and Personal Journeys

On May 15th, at Lerotholi Polytechnic, the future with the Phēnix X Smartphone was also discussed. This revolutionary device, designed to enhance learning with pre-loaded educational content, was showcased in a 25-35 minute session. The demonstration highlighted how technology is transforming education, making it more accessible and effective.


One of the most heartwarming moments of the trip was the live interview with the scholarship recipients. Todd’s session delved into the personal journey of students whose lives had been transformed by the power of education. It was a reminder of why we do what we do and the profound impact it has on individuals and communities.


Wrapping Up with an Open-Floor Session

The presentations concluded with a wrap-up engagement and an open-floor session. Todd summarized the key takeaways from the workshops, encouraging ongoing professional development and training in HVAC/R. These sessions were a testament to the continuous learning and growth that defines our industry.


Reflections from Todd Kler

Upon his return, Todd shared his reflections on the trip, expressing gratitude for the support from the team and the privilege of sharing our expertise with communities in Lesotho and South Africa. He highlighted the challenges faced by poverty-stricken communities and the rewarding experience of conducting workshops that left students and administrators wanting more.

Looking ahead, Todd plans to meet with key contacts in South Africa to explore the possibility of integrating our curriculum into their educational systems. The trip has opened doors to potential opportunities in regions like Cape Town and countries like Nigeria, promising an exciting future for’s global outreach.

A Bright Future Ahead

Despite the exhaustion from a grueling 36-hour travel time, Todd returned with a renewed sense of purpose and optimism. The seeds of knowledge and collaboration planted during this trip are poised to grow, fostering a new era of HVAC/R excellence.

Stay tuned as we continue to nurture these opportunities and expand our reach, transforming the HVAC/R industry one student at a time. Let’s make learning awesome and predictable, no matter where in the world we go!

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We hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Todd Kler’s African adventure. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. Together, we’re shaping the future of HVAC/R education!