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Our Online HVAC Training Courses and Programs offer the quickest and most convenient manner of Refrigeration and HVAC/R training available to the busy adult. We provide career advice, training, and continued support throughout your career driven from professional HVAC/R and Refrigeration Educators.

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 Are you an HVAC Technician and looking to expand your knowledge and skill-set?

 Have you considered an Online HVAC Training Program? 

 If you are already working in the field or have an interest in learning more, online hvac training could be a perfect fit for you.

If you are an employed technician, your newly acquired and/or expanded knowledge can be applied immediately on the job and will surely boost your value to an employer or client.  

Conversely, if you are looking to obtain employment with an HVAC Company, a Certificate of Completion from an accredited HVAC Training school such as will make you and your resume stand out from the less-qualified applicants.

  • By 2030, the demand for HVAC / HVACR (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) technicians is expected to grow at least 5 percent* with the industry currently unable to fill the need for qualified workers!
  • With demand for technicians outpacing supply, it is evident the HVAC/R industry promises to be a lucrative and challenging career for years to come.
  • Online HVAC Training through is not only the ideal path for joining the profitable profession of HVAC/R,  but seasoned technicians will find our accredited 2000+ hours of convenient and on-demand curriculum unrivaled!   
  • Our Courses and Programs are developed and taught by the World’s most renowned HVAC/R Subject Matter Experts/Authors and are perfect for today’s busy adult-learner.

[*SOURCE:  Bureau of Labor Statistics]

Although it is true that after your completion of an Online HVAC Training Program it will be necessary for you to obtain at least 2 years of field experience before you can start earning top-dollar in the industry, many companies will gladly give you the opportunity to put your ‘book knowledge’ into service-practice, which is very important as there will be a multitude of troubleshooting scenarios with which to contend

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