Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Professional Training

  • The following professional HVAC specific courses and programs are available on a one-year subscription basis at $350.00 per student, per 12-month period.
  • Every course and program is NATE recognized, accredited by HVAC Excellence.
  • Your Technician or Student may enroll in and complete any or all of the below-listed courses and programs during their own 1-year enrollment period.
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Catalog of Courses and Programs

All of these courses are included in the subscription program of $350.00 per student or technician

Premium Content

Premium Programs (content) not included with the subscription program but available to our customers


015 Customer Service and Sales Skills
050 Applied Math
102 Safety
109 Hand and Power Tools
010 Employability


111 Electrical DC Theory Plus
112 Electrical AC Theory Plus
113 Electrical Common Components
114 Electrical Motors
216 Commercial Lighting Systems
217 On-Site Generation Systems


101 Fundamentals
103 Basic Sheet Metal
104 Copper Works
106 Building Systems Review
110 Blueprints
121 Systems Air Properties and Measurement
122 Air Properties and Measurement
123 Air Distribution
141 Refrigeration I
142 Refrigeration II
186 Economizers ADEC/DCV
201 High Efficiency HVAC
205 Ventilation Systems
221 Indoor Air Quality Basics
239 About Drive Belts
241 Intro-Cooling System Troubleshooting
242 R-410a Refrigerant Technology
243 Advanced Troublshooting
244 Hydrocarbon Refrigerant Handling


131 Oil Heat I
133 Gas Heat I
135 Heat Pumps
137 Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
139 Electric Heating
161 Boilers
171 Boiler Low -Pressure License Prep
261 Commercial Boiler Fundamentals
262 Industrial Steam Boiler Fundamentals
263 High Efficiency Commercial Boilers
264 Industrial Steam Boiler Maintenance
265 Small Commercial Boiler Maintenance
266 Large Commercial Boiler Maintenance


191 Hydronics
202 Chiller Maintenance
203 Cooling Tower Maintenance
204 Air Handler Maintenance

Exam Prep

CORE Service Review
AC Service Certification
Air to Air Heat Pump Certification
Gas Heating Certification
Oil Heating Service Certification

Business Courses

Operations Management
Pricing for Profit
Fifteen Things all Successful Companies Have in Common