BHE Understanding HVAC Systems

(3 hours / 30 days) 

Presented in partnership with Blue House Energy

Full Price: $50.00

Understanding HVAC Systems covers the fundamentals of how fuel is converted into energy, the types of space heating and cooling systems typically found in North American homes, and current ventilation system requirements for new construction.  This mini-course has three modules. Each module has a quiz at the end. You need a 75% grade or higher in the quiz at the end of each module to proceed to the next module (there is no limit on quiz attempts).  There is no final exam on this course.  This course is recognized for 3 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE re-certification.  

Modules cover:

  1. Fundamentals of Energy
  2. Mechanical Systems Overview
  3. Ventilation Requirements

*If you are only taking a few courses with us there is not a requirement for a textbook. We will always recommend to our students to have a good general textbook for reference, the mark of a professional!

Each course purchase allows 60 days enrollment to complete. Must obtain a 70% or higher to obtain CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Full Price: $50.00