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Program Overview

The Comfort Systems USA Technician Academy has been developed into online courses or programs that you may take with the options being a prescribed 3-level Certification Track or the A la Carte method, choosing what you wish to take.  Enrollment in any of the courses or programs is to be coordinated with your company champion. 

The 3-level Certification Track:

This track was developed by a committee of Comfort Systems USA technicians assembled specifically to identify the courses for each level of technician development.  The Comfort Systems USA Certification Track or one of the New to the Industry Programs is ideal for initial technician career development.

The first two levels of the 3-level certification track are arranged in a sequence of modules.  To allow for accelerated progress, each module has a “Test Out” opportunity before the module will open.  At the front of each module the learner will first take a small assessment which, if passed at 80% or higher, will “Pass” the module and the next one will become available.  If the “Test Out” is unsuccessful, the module will open, and the learner will study the module and then must pass the module exam to move forward.

The third level of the 3-level certification track is an individual choice and completion of 6 elective courses from the catalog below.

The A la Carte option:

This is a pick and choose option from 1500+ hours of technical content which includes everything (courses and programs) in the catalog below including the individual courses that are listed in the 3-level certification track.  All offerings are described in this catalog and available for enrollment to Comfort Systems USA technicians.  Speak with your company champion.

CSUSA Technician Academy

 Catalog of Courses

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