Customer Service and Sales Skills v2


This course is presented with a video presentation and modules covering the following topics:

015-1 Customer Service Superiority: In this lesson, service professionals will improve their communication skills and convey a more proactive and helpful attitude by serving customers with urgency and empathy. First impressions matter. A service professional’s role is more than solving problems and answering questions – it’s also about adding value. This lesson features actual customer interactions that students will relate to and learn from.

  • How to Add Value When Serving Customers
  • The Four Parts of a Service Greeting
  • How to Let Customers Hear Your Urgency When Helping Them
  • How to Remain Calm When Serving Difficult Clients

015-2 Customer Service Persuasion: This lesson covers the persuasive behaviors that enable service professionals to convert customer inquiries into more business. The communication skills techniques in this lesson focus on relationships and delivering value, especially when customers ask about the price. Actual customer inquiries are conveyed and analyzed in real-time for the student’s benefit.

  • Gaining Self-Confidence and Being More Persuasive
  • Improve from Transactional to Relational Service Events
  • Dominate the Listening – Let Customers Talk
  • Give Customers Options – Many Ways to Say “YES”

015-3 Customer Service Teamwork: This informative lesson provides the basics of the soft skill for technicians who want to improve their effectiveness and value as team members and leaders. All content is based on actual encounters within teamwork situations.

  • Improve personal and team effectiveness and efficiency
  • Learn conflict resolution skills
  • Recognize the importance of word usage in communication and understanding
  • Recognize the value of empathy in teamwork situations

015-4 Customer Service Leadership: This informative lesson provides the basics of the soft skill for technicians who want to make a positive first impression and enhance their customer service professionalism. All content is based on actual customer encounters.

  • Effective introduction strategies.
  • Expanded conflict resolution skills.
  • Recognize the importance of awareness, perception, and perspective.
  • Recognize the value of objectivity in customer service situations.

015-5 Customer Service Attitude: This lesson focuses on how to establish a positive first impression by having a positive attitude and showing respect to your customer.

  • Attitude
  • Parking the Vehicle
  • Objectives

Expected End of Course Outcomes

• Understanding customer service from the customer’s point of view


015-1 Customer Service Superiority

015-2 Customer Service Persuasion

015-3 Customer Service Teamwork

015-4 Customer Service Leadership

015-5 Customer Service Attitude

015 Final Exam