Instructional Development Team

Dan Linthicum

Development Coordinator


Hello, my name is Dan Linthicum.  I'm very excited to see your interest in online education and specifically!  I have a diverse background working as an Equipment Operator in a steam power plant, Retail Operations Supervisor and Human Resources Trainer for an oil company, Owner of several small businesses dealing with computer systems, training materials, books and gifts, consulting, and I’ve worked in construction, remodeling, and property project management.  Then, just to round out my skill set, I am a musician and sound and recording technician.  In my close to 37 years involved in business operations, management and employee selection and training, what has always impressed me is the importance of keeping ourselves open to new opportunities for expansion and growth, personally and in our career goals and relationships.  Education is the key to that growth and online education is the cutting edge, 21st century method to achieve and realize those expectations.  I'm looking forward to the many new horizons and potential for learning here at 

Bryan Lloyd

Media, Technology, and Admin Assistant


Hello, I’m Bryan Lloyd and I began learning about audio production and technology at the early age of six when my father, Ron Lloyd (a professional musician and DJ) gave me access to the production room at KASH-Radio in Eugene, Oregon.  Living a life surrounded by music, I've been involved in many facets of the business, including nationwide touring and performing with various artists and bands; involvement in several recording studios; and worked in the Promotions Department for Capitol Records in Hollywood.  Additional experience includes product and promotional designs for CD’s, advertisements, and video production using a wide variety of software.  I was also the Entertainment Coordinator at the world-famous Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River, Oregon.  My non-traditional background has brought me to where I have the opportunity to put my unique creative energies and technical skills to work.  You may not see me or hear from me directly, but you will benefit from my work on our web site and campus behind the scenes and in our marketing outreach.  If you need me, send an email to

Justin Lloyd

Technical Services Specialist


Hello there!  I started out with as a simple editor of course content.  Since then, I have also been a student developing many computer skills such as HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, server integration and much more from Kaplan University and the University of Idaho to broaden my talents and to better serve our online students.  As the Technology Director, I'm responsible for an ever-growing number of websites and Ecommerce stores and almost everything related to technology.  I’m loving what I do and am very optimistic for our future.


I received much encouragement from friends, family, and co-workers.  My experience in the industry began in 1992 after several HVAC technicians encouraged me to join the local union HVAC apprenticeship program.  Although I never joined the Union, it planted a seed.  In 1998, I took my wife's advice and returned to school enrolling in the HVACR program at North Idaho College where Chris Compton (The founder of was my instructor.


I've been fortunate to learn from the brightest in the HVACR industry and the WWW (World Wide Web).  I continue to study all matters related to technology and enjoy a career of learning and delivering the best in technology services to our students and clients at  I can be reached at