Building Automation Systems Program

The courses making up the Program are:

  • 153 HVACR Control Systems Fundamentals
  • 154 HVACR Control Systems Types and BAS Basics
  • 155 HVACR BAS Installation and Strategies
  • 156 HVACR BAS System Management and Advanced Technologies
  • 157 HVACR Troubleshooting DDC Systems & Components Course

The Building Automation Systems Program is an advanced program totaling 90 instructional hours. Students will take one course at a time in a systematic progression through courses that lay a good foundation, then move into commercial HVAC systems and through the specific technologies of controls systems. Students are enrolled as online asynchronous independent study. This access allows students to login at their convenience 24/7/365. The courses were written by Ron Auvil who is the author of HVAC Control SystemsAmerican Technical Publishers. Along with the courses, Ron also teaches these topics in a series of recorded video lecture presentations included with each learning module. This program is NATE recognized for 90 hours of continuing education (CEHs) which are applicable to NATE re-certification.

Includes a free copy of HVAC Control Systems textbook – a $160 value

Full Price:  $2,590.00