Chiller Mechanic Program

Courses included:

  • 202 High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance – Central Chillers  (6 hours)
  • 402 HVACR Packaged Chillers: 25 – 150 Tons (9 hours) 
  • 203 High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance – Cooling Towers (6 hours) 
  • 403 HVACR Water Cooled Mid & Large Tonnage Chillers 150+ Tons (15 hours)  
  • 292 Water Treatment for HVACR Systems (24 hours)
  • 293 Water Treatment for HVACR Systems II (21 hours)

Many commercial buildings utilize chilled water systems for comfort cooling. These chillers come in many different configurations. Small and mid-size chillers are used in buildings such as schools and medical office buildings. Large facilities such as colleges, hospitals, and military bases have central chiller plants that supply chilled water to multiple buildings. This program is designed for advanced level technicians and building maintenance personnel who are responsible for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of chiller systems in commercial buildings. This program is made up of six courses for a total of 27 learning modules that are recognized for 81 hours of continuing education (CEHs), applicable to NATE re-certification.

Program Prerequisites:  This advanced program is designed for HVACR technicians and contractors, facilities managers, and commercial maintenance technicians who have already completed an educational program for HVACR and/or have current working knowledge of HVACR fundamentals.  It will build on your existing knowledge.

Full Price:  $1,420.00