HVACR Commercial Refrigeration Program

Courses included:

  • 141 HVACR Refrigeration I (18 hours/60 days)
  • 142 HVACR Refrigeration II (18 hours/60 days)
  • 441 HVACR Commercial Refrigeration I (24 hours / 60 days)
  • 442 HVACR Commercial Refrigeration II (18 hours / 60 days)
  • 245 HVACR Compressor Failure Analysis with Bob Feathers (Mr. Compressor) (5 hours / 60 days)

The Commercial Refrigeration Program is an advanced program, perfect for HVACR technicians and contractors who want to better understand refrigeration systems used in commercial applications like stores, warehouses, restaurants, and product and food services. Begin with the fundamentals of Refrigeration with Chris Compton and move into the advanced courses with Dick Wirz, covering everything you need to know from refrigeration principles through evaporators, condensers, compressors, metering devices, controls, accessories, motors, and the various refrigerants used so you can service walk-in refrigerators, freezers, and commercial ice makers with confidence. Common service issues and troubleshooting procedures are also covered.

Full Price:  $1,700.00