Our Faculty and Crew

Chris Compton, CHME

CEO & Founder of HVACRedu.net, CMS, CMHE

Chris has stepped through a 44-year career in the HVACR industry; JM Perry Trade on the GI Bill, A Lead Service Technician in Residential-Industrial, Successful Contractor in Residential-Industrial and then on to be a Global HVACR CTE Educator due to his working career and experience in HVACR technology and master ability to teach in the F2F or Online.  The online program has brought much to the table for thousands of technicians over its 27-year run. 

CHris Compton, CEO and Founder, HVACRedu.net

He has been certified at Service Level in five NATE specialties.  He is certified as a CMHE, Certified by HVAC Excellence as a Master HVACR Educator.  In 1997 he received the National RSES Imperial award for being the top gun Commercial Refrigeration technician.   1998 he was selected as on of the top 10 CTE educators in the U.S. by ACTE (Association of Career & Technical Education).  In 2011 his design of the ItsAboutQ.net program for California utilities won the National “Dealer Design” Gold Award from the ACHR News. In 2014 he was named the Teacher of the Year by the ACHR News.  Chris has been teaching in the classroom and the online mode for 31 years.

Through the online program students consistently test in the top 10% of the Industry’s National Certification Exams and State Journeyman Exams.  Chris serves as an educational consultant provider to large and small contractors and facility maintenance operations, loves to talk to students, and provides HVACR learning around the Globe.  It seems he likes what he does! 

Walter Nelson

Subject Matter Expert Educator

My name is Walter Nelson.  I am honored to be one of the online instructors here at HVACRedu.net. I am excited to have you here and I am looking forward to working with you.  I have over 35 years of in field service experience. 

I started my career as a Design/Application engineer at a Major refrigeration manufacturing plant.  I was given the opportunity to go into the field to see my design/application work in the physical world.  Well, that was all it took; I was hooked!  I became a journeyman through the Union, and the rest they say is history!  My specialty is Commercial/Supermarket service, install, but I’ve done it all, including owning my own business and teaching apprentices on the worksite for years.

The trade you are embarking on is one of unlimited opportunities! 

You can reach me at:  wnelson@hvacredu.net

Ron Auvil

Building Automation Systems Author, Instructor and Subject Matter Expert

Ron Auvil is the guy that ‘wrote the book’ on Building Automation Systems and a leading voice in today’s movement toward operational excellence.  He is the author of, “HVAC Control Systems” by American Technical Publishers. 

 As a lead instructor for a major controls manufacturer, Ron designed and taught a program for brand new technicians on installing and troubleshooting mechanical systems and BAS.  He also spent years working as a senior technician, troubleshooter, and project manager.  He has worked with some of the world’s largest and most quality-conscious companies, providing custom training on how to improve the operations of their environmental systems. His clients have included NASA, the Pentagon, the University of South Carolina, and others.  You can be his next. 

Ron will be teaching a sequential series of live courses combined with blended learning sessions (a combination of online anytime and real time face to face), and several online only courses. 

You can reach Ron at ronauvil@hvacredu.net.

Dick Wirz

Commercial Refrigeration Author, Subject Matter Expert and Educator

Dick Wirz has been in the HVACR trade since 1963 and owned a commercial refrigeration company for 25 years. He holds Master Licenses for both HVACR and Electricity in three states. 

He is also NATE certified in all categories. After his first retirement in 2001 he became an Associate Professor and Asst. Dean for the A/C-Refrigeration program at Northern Virginia Community College before retiring in 2014. He is the author of Commercial Refrigeration for Air Conditioning Technicians published by Cengage. He and his wife Irene have developed Instructor CD training aids under their company name of Refrigeration Training Services which are used in HVACR training programs and schools in all 50 States. 

Dick can be reached at livefaculty@hvacredu.net.

Our Crew

Bryce Wilkinson

 Operations Manager

I attended University of Idaho where I found my passion for Technology and Operations Management.  I graduated with a dual Degree in Information Systems and Project/Operations Management in 2009.  After working in Seattle Washington for a couple years I decided to move back to Sandpoint, Idaho where I was born and raised.  I have really enjoyed working with HVACRedu.net the perfect blend of both IT and Operations.  And I look forward to continuing to help train the HVACR workforce.

 I can be reached at bryce@hvacredu.net

Patricia Wall

Administration Director

Hello, I’m Patty.  Like many of you, I have a passion for education and lifelong learning.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Education/Business from the University of Idaho where I transferred after two years at Gonzaga University’s Organizational Leadership. 

Many of my college courses were via distance education.  I also studied with North Idaho College, Berean Bible College, and Riverside Community College.  I bring to you over 40 years of work experience in business and education.  I also volunteer my time and skills to church, community, school, veterans, alzheimers, cancer research, Second Harvest, and Habitat for Humanity organizations.

I believe the future of education is online, and employment opportunities are in the trades.  I am honored to work with HVACRedu.net and dedicate myself to providing excellent service to our students, clients, instructors, and crew.

I can be reached at patricia@hvacredu.net.

Tifanie Wilkinson

Student Services Director

Hello, my name is Tifanie and I am the Director of our Student Services team here at HVACRedu.net.  I am very excited to be working with a company that is dedicated to their students and their online education.  I graduated from North Idaho College with my Associates Degree in Medical Administration and I have years of work experience in office administration and customer service.  I believe education is very important and have experienced first-hand the obstacles that can come with online classes.  This experience will come in handy when assisting our students.

Spending time with my family and my five kids is the most important thing to me.  We love living in North Idaho and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  In my free time I like to go to the beach, take road trips, and go hiking.

 I can be reached at tifanie@hvacredu.net.

Justin Lloyd

Online Campus Learning Management System Specialist

Hello there!  I started out with HVACRedu.net as a simple editor of course content.  Since then, I have also been a student developing many computer skills such as HTML, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, server integration and much more from Kaplan University and the University of Idaho to broaden my talents and to better serve our online students.  I’m responsible for an ever-growing number of Online Learning Campuses with ever-growing enrollments and loving what I do.

I’ve been fortunate to learn from the brightest in the HVACR industry and the WWW (World Wide Web).  I continue to study all matters related to technology and enjoy a career of learning and delivering the best in technology services to our students and clients at HVACRedu.net. 

I can be reached at jlloyd@hvacredu.net.

Dan Linthicum

Content Development Coordinator

Hello, my name is Dan Linthicum.  I’m very excited to see your interest in online education and specifically HVACRedu.net!  I have a diverse background working as an Equipment Operator in a steam power plant, Retail Operations Supervisor and Human Resources Trainer for an oil company, Owner of several small businesses dealing with computer systems, training materials, books and gifts, consulting, and I’ve worked in construction, remodeling, and property project management.  Then, just to round out my skill set, I am a musician and sound and recording technician.  In my close to 37 years involved in business operations, management and employee selection and training, what has always impressed me is the importance of keeping ourselves open to new opportunities for expansion and growth, personally and in our career goals and relationships. 

 I can be reached at danl@hvacredu.net 

Ben Garrison

Technical Editor

I’m a Sandpoint, Idaho native who never really left the area accept to attend college. Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design in 2002, I have been fortunate to have a successful career as a working designer in many different industries, such as printing production, grocery, health and fitness, and media houses. 

The move to HVACRedu.net has been a fantastic transition to something that’s new, but that I can easily incorporate my skill sets to benefit our students by providing engaging content. 

Outside of work I am a passionate cyclist, family man, outdoors person and tinker.  I share my life with my beautiful wife of 20+ years, Samanda, an amazing 11 year old boy named Teagan, and 2 dogs, Kaslo and Nelson.  We live for boating, camping, bikes, outdoors and adventure. 

I can be reached at ben@hvacredu.net

Phoebe Harker-Rivera

Student Services Specialist and Spanish Language Consultant

Student Services Specialist Phoebe Harker-Rivera

I am privileged to be part of HVACRedu.net, where my job description should be “human multi-purpose tool”.  I received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Rocky Mountain College in Billings, MT, and a Master of Arts in Spanish Translation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.  I studied in Spain and in Chile.  I went on to accumulate a wide variety of translation work experience as a freelance translator/interpreter, as well as a bilingual legal assistant, a bilingual medical historian, and an in-house translator for a major newspaper in northern Mexico.  I also worked as a bookkeeper for a small California publishing company and as a licensed sales assistant for investment firms in Chicago, IL.

As a native Montanan who left to seek my fortune elsewhere, only to return to the family farm to raise my kids, I appreciate the power of the internet and online education which allow you to study and work from anywhere you have an internet connection.  I enjoy applying my language skills to our effort to promote the education of a portion of the population that might otherwise languish unnoticed.  It’s good to be part of a company that sees a need and finds a way to satisfy it.  In my spare time (what’s that?) I enjoy spending time with my two kids, reading, gardening, cooking, and tramping around the farmstead. 

You can reach me at phoebe@hvacredu.net

Jessica (Jess) Blinn

Student Services Specialist

After earning my Medical Assistant Phlebotomy Technician Certification, I worked for years in the medical field, adding other certifications to my portfolio.  I learned to take very good care of patients and to meticulously follow procedures.  I am now bringing this experience to support the students of HVACRedu.net.  I promise, I won’t draw your blood.  But, you can expect that I will diligently listen to your questions or concerns and get the right answer back to you as quickly as I can.  I’ve been an online student myself, so I understand that unique experience and I can help.  In my spare time, I love being outdoors in the pacific northwest with my family.  

I can be reached at jess@hvacredu.net.

Geri Lee

Fulfillment Services Specialist

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Geri Lee and I am very excited to be involved in a company that is a leader for Online Education in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry.  I have more than 30 years in accounts receivable and accounts payable.   I have been “self-employed” for the past 23 years billing for rural ambulance companies.

I am very involved with my community.  I sit on our Museum Board, Park District Board, Hospital Board, Fire District Auxiliary Board and our Community Players Board.  I love acting.  I have been involved with our Heron Players Drama Club for 16 years. I am a huge game player and love road trips, hunting with my husband and hanging out with friends.

I can be reached at gerilee@hvacredu.net

Shaynin Oakley

Student Services Specialist and Registrations Coordinator

I came to HVACRedu.net initially to work as the Registrations Coordinator, finding and helping new students pursue the education needed to begin a career in the HVACR industry.   Since then, I have branched out to also provide Student Services to our current and incoming students.  This is the perfect job where I can put my work experience as an Assistant Sales Manager and Office Administrator to work helping our students, supporting their career success, and to help them achieve their goal of working confidently in the HVAC/R industry.

In my free time I enjoy volunteering at Hospitals and Health Clinics, as well as Assisted Living Facilities. In a world that is rapidly changing, I am a firm believer that a little kindness goes a long way.

I can be reached at shay.oakley@hvacredu.net

Corina Denison-Lloyd

Student Services Specialist

Hello and Welcome to HVACRedu.net !  I came to HVACR Education after raising two children and working with the public in many different positions.  With 20 years of Sales and Customer Service experience, I am happy to put my skills to work and help our online students with any questions or HVAC Education needs.  My goal is to help our students achieve their Success!

I also love to travel with my family and perform musically with several different Musicians.   

I can be reached at Corina@hvacredu.net

Sheila Young

Marketing and Student Services Specialist


Hello – my name is Sheila Young and I wear a couple of hats in this company. I am a marketing specialist focused on reaching out to HVAC technicians everywhere and also work with students through our student services, helping them to reach their training goals. 

I hold an AA degree in Early Childhood Development and have developed, owned and operated amazing pre-schools for children. Education is very important to me and I love helping HVACRedu.net to fill the world with qualified technicians.

I live in the mountains of Montana with my husband and have three grown chidren and 4 grandchildren who spend summers with us and share my love for adventure and fun, like rock hounding, gardening and embarking on as many outdoor experiences as we can possibly fit into our busy schedules.

I can be reached at sheila.young@hvacredu.net

Bryan Lloyd

Marketing Manager, Media Services and Student Services Specialist

Hello, I’m Bryan Lloyd and I began learning about audio production and technology at the early age of six when my father, Ron Lloyd (a professional musician and DJ) gave me access to the production room at KASH-Radio in Eugene, Oregon.   Living a life surrounded by music, I’ve been involved in many facets of the business, including nationwide touring and performing with various artists and bands; involvement in several recording studios; and worked in the Promotions Department for Capitol Records in Hollywood.  Additional experience includes product and promotional designs for CD’s, advertisements, and video production using a wide variety of software.  

I was also the Entertainment Coordinator at the world-famous Columbia Gorge Hotel in Hood River, Oregon.  My non-traditional background has brought me to HVACRedu.net where I have been putting my unique creative energies and technical skills to work in support of the learning campus, our web site, and with some of our marketing outreach.  You might hear from me if you are one of our online learners as well. 

In my spare time, I enjoy playing piano for retirement communities/nursing homes and spending quality time with my amazing family.  I also love to work on beautifying the grounds around our mountain cabin and chopping fire wood. 

If you need me, send an email to bryan@hvacredu.net.

Richard Young

Web and Media Development Specialist

Hello from Montana – My name is Richard and I am lucky enough to live in the mountains of NW Montana, where as luck would have it, I discovered this great company and the opportunity to bring these incredible HVAC training programs to everyone’s doorstep, (or computer desktop). My contributions to the effort include video production, website design and production, graphic design and animation. I have been operating a billboard advertising company for 35 years and have an extensive background in graphic design and advertising going back well over forty years. 
But the focus here at HVACRedu.net is the future! Utilizing the latest in video and web technologies, we bring you the finest collection of HVAC training and certification programs and courses available anywhere in the world! Since our courses and programs feature so many “extras” like simulations, animations, videos, interactive games and much more, our development team never stops producing new and educationally stimulating components to help you understand each topic. 
I can be reached at richard@hvacredu.net.

Rick Street


Hello, I am a U.S. Navy veteran. Upon discharge I immediately realized that an advanced education was essential and began my studies at Spokane Falls Community College followed by Eastern Washington University where I earned my B.A. with an accounting concentration. I later realized my passion for institutional education/training and decided to earn a M.Acc (Master’s in Accountancy), which I received from Gonzaga University.  In addition to working with HVACRedu.net I teach accounting at Spokane Community College. 

I will typically be working behind the scenes here at HVACRedu, but my door is always open to our students to discuss starting their own business. I have a passion for entrepreneurs and was the founding member of the Avista Center for Entrepreneurship at Spokane Community College.

A little tidbit about me – I dropped out of High School at 17 years old!  All things are possible!

I can be reached at rick@hvacredu.net

Welcome to HVACRedu.net