Boiler Tech Program

This program could be called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Boilers But Were Afraid to Ask”. 

It contains all the courses that Subject Matter Experts have created related to Hot Water, Hydronic Systems, Water Treatment, and Boilers.  You may want to pick and choose what you study or go through the gauntlet of courses and emerge the Boiler Hero. 

Note that one of the courses, 171 Low Pressure Boiler License Prep, is a combination of several of the courses listed in the program but we included it in since it is Boiler related.  If you don’t want to take the whole program all of these can be taken separately as a stand-alone course. 

Courses included:

  •  191 Hydronics l (18 hours/60 days)
  •  291 Commercial Water Heating (12 hours/60 days)
  •  161 Boilers l (18 hours/60 days)
  •  261 Commercial Boiler Fundamentals (6 hours/30 days)
  •  265 Small Commercial Boiler Maintenance (3 hours/30 days)
  •  263 High Efficiency Commercial Boilers (6 hours/30 days)
  •  266  Large Commercial Boiler maintenance (6 hours/30 days)
  •  262 Industrial Steam Boiler Fundamentals (9 hours/30 days)
  •  264 Industrial Steam Boiler Maintenance (9 hours/30 days)
  •  292 Water treatment for HVACR Systems (24 hours/60 days)
  •  293 Water treatment for HVACR Systems ll (21 hours/60 days)
  •  171 Boilers License Prep (28 hours/9 days)