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This is a representative selection of ACTUAL learning modules from our courses. This sample is intended to give you a student’s “look and feel” experience of an online course. The modules include an Overview, Instructional Assets, e-books, video lectures, games, images, animations, and a rich course content.  After you enroll for FREE you will receive an email with your username and password, click the link to login to the campus, locate and open your Free Sample course. You can choose to experience any one of the modules listed below, or you can study them all for free. Click on the links, open up the content, take a look around.

Note: The actual complete courses contain several modules that cover the topic in comprehensive detail – these are just single modules taken from them.

Foundation Entry-Level Sample Modules

  • Employability Skills, 010-3 Communications and Work Relationships
  • Customer Service and Sales Skills, 015-2 Customer Service Superiority
  • Fundamentals, 101-5 Air Works
  • Basic Sheet Metal, 103-4 Sealing, Insulating, and Lining Sheet Metal Ductowork
  • Copper Works, 104-5 Sil-Phos Braze
  • Electrical DC Theory Plus, 111-4 Basic Circuits

Intermediate-Level Sample Modules

  • Electrical Common Components, 113-3 Really Good Relay Stuff
  • Electrical Motors, 114-6 Diagnosing and Replacing Electric Motors
  • Systems Properties & Measurement, 121-2 Properties of Air
  • Air Distribution, 123-2 Air Distribution Systems
  • Gas Heat I, 133-5 High Efficiency Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps, 135-1 What is a Heat Pump?
  • Geothermal Heat Pump Systems, 137-1 Introduction to Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Introduction to Mini Splits, 138-3 Mini Split Controls and Electronics
  • Refrigeration II, 142-4 Common Low-side Accessories
  • Leak Detection, Evacuation and Charging Systems, 143-3 Charging Systems


  • Control System Types and BAS Basics, 154-1 Control Systems
  • BAS System Management and Advanced Technologies, 156-3 BAS Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting VAV Systems, 158-1 Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tools and Safety; Definition and Development of VAAV
  • IT for HVAC Technicians, 159-1 Introduction to Networking Personnel and Networking Basics, Part 1
  • Hydronics I, 191-1 What is Hydronic Heating?
  • High Efficiency HVAC System Maintenance – Cooling Towers, 203-1 Cooling Tower Overview – Daily and Monthly Maintenance
  • High Efficiency Ventilation, 205-1 Indoor Air Quality Overview
  • R-410A Refrigeration Tech, 242-4 R-410A Refrigerant Safety, Handling, and Service Equipment
  • Commercial Boiler Fundamentals, 261-1 Large Boiler Overview
  • Packaged Chillers: 25-150 Tons, 402-2 Packaged Air Cooled Chillers
  • Metasys Basic Operator, 410 Metasys System Extended Architecture Overview
  • Commercial Refrigeration I, 441-7 Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Part 1
  • Commercial Refrigeration II, 442-3 Supermarket Refrigeration
  • Parallel Rack Systems 441-1 Intro to Supermarket Applications l