Message to Current Students

We hear from our students, employers and collaborative educators constantly (seriously constantly) that technicians are missing the basic skills required to build upon newer advanced skills. That is a real problem at a time that our technicians need to be ever increasingly more technically advanced.

I guess that I was venting a bit, but I have an announcement. The announcement might not apply to you directly, but I would like your feedback on it anyway. Would you take the time to send me back an email and let me know your thoughts on this program (or any other that you have taken with us)? Perhaps you would forward this announcement on to your employer because I know that all companies have inexperienced new hires that could benefit from this program. has developed a program that we call the Tech Launch program. We could have called it New Apprentice Training, but the name Tech Launch seems cooler. The program starts with the bare basics of heat, pressure and air movements forward through a series of classes leading up to advanced classes in refrigeration, troubleshooting, heat pumps and more.

This program has become among our most popular because it delivers. You can look at the entire program description here: 

For our new apprentices, please have a look at our career information page: 

  • We offer Pay as You Go payments with $500.00 down. There aren't any credit restrictions.
  • Please consider the program for yourself or
  • Please pass the program on to your employer or supervisor.
  • We offer discounts on three or more enrollments from the same employer through our Corporate Training Partnership program.

Our industry is losing its workforce at an ever-increasing pace, and this program is one answer to it. Please let me know if you have questions and please check out the program and send me your feedback. Your feedback is why this program is here.