Subscription Program Marketing Ideas

Effective Ways of Marketing the New Branded Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Subscription Program

Our implementation staff is available to help ‘market’ and specifically develop new customers and members. The critical aspect to remember is that ‘offers of training’ need to be entirely relevant for members and customers with appropriate pricing levels.

Notify the membership and staff of the availability
While not strictly considered a program marketing idea, the first step is announcing the availability of the subscription training program.  Emphasis must be placed on the range of courses at a reduced price point.

Post the availability on the website of HVAC classes
In the 21st century training is the mark of a professional.  Be certain to post a well-written announcement of the subscription training program prominently.

Host a webinar to SHOW and TELL the new pages of the website with Q and A
Host a training webinar to SHOW and TELL (demonstrate) the courses and programs available through the subscription training program.  If you are offering the HVACRedu premium training courses then specifically highlight those courses and programs as well.

Email marketing to the membership about the availability of the new HVAC program
Email marketing (direct marketing) is still the best avenue of communicating your new subscription program.  Put the program directly in the face of your prospects.

Direct Mail
Hi quality and specific direct mailings are nearly as effective as email marketing to communicate the availability of the new programs.  Be sure to insert a quality, professionally developed flyer on the program.

Information session with specific groups
Certain groups by default will be more interested than others in the availability of an HVAC program.  Be sure to offer one-on-one information sessions with specific members or customers so that the plan may be communicated in the context that the recipient is expecting.

Offer specific training tracks based on member feedback (such as Ready to Work (RTW) or North American Technician Excellence (NATE) specialty

Individual members or customers have a specific idea of training that is most relevant to their organization.  Offer specifically develop training tracks (order of delivery) for these customers.

Enroll instructors in a particular technical training path
Instructors are the best communicators of the effectiveness of the program.  Each instructor should be enrolled in at least six of the programs offered through the subscription program.  HVACRedu offers instructors free access to the six programs.  It is in everyone’s best interest that the instructors are on an even playing field and well-versed in the curriculum.

Enroll instructors and key membership for online faculty training (OFT)
HVACRedu offers a training course to develop instructors.  Called the OFT instructors are exposed to the inner workings of the learning management system (LMS).  Once completed, instructors are far more comfortable utilizing elements of the LMS.

Offer specific one-on-one consultation to implement corporate training programs
(member specific training programs)
HVACRedu implementation staff are heavily experienced in implementing training programs.  Members and customers usually have specific ideas on how they envision training programs to be implemented.  The subscription program is highly flexible, and we encourage feedback to develop customer-centric programs. offers speakers for membership or facility meetings
Heavily dependent upon scheduling and size of groups, will supply speakers on the subject of training programs and career pathways.

Train-the-Trainer  online and in person
For large groups, HVACRedu will supply instructors to train customer local training staff.  This training is available on a time and material basis quoted for each specific customer.

Contact your account representative for specific information on any part of this implementation program.