HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

TASK:   Determine Type, size, and location of registers

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:  122 – HVAC Load Calculations   and   123 – Air Distribution


Selected registers must provide required air-flow to space with even distribution at acceptable noise levels and without excessive static pressure requirements.  Register must be compatible with decor.


  1. Review manufacturer’s engineering specifications, job specifications and zone air-flow requirements.
  2. Select type of registers suitable for application (heating only, cooling only, or combination).
  3. Determine optimum location for registers considering:
    1. Whether application is heating/cooling combination or heating-or-cooling-only application.
    2. Correct air coverage of space to avoid hot spots, cold spots and drafts.
    3. Furniture placement, carpeting, draperies, etc.
      1. Consider décor in space and identify registers that are most compatible.
      2. Select size of registers based upon manufacturer’s data for noise levels and pressure drops at required air-flow.
      3. Consider expense of different options.
      4. Make selection of registers based upon information collected.