HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

TASK : Determine location and size of exhaust air grill.

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:

                         241 – Intro to Cooling Systems Troubleshooting   and   205 – HVAC High Efficienct Ventilation


Exhaust air grill must exhaust required amount of air from space without creating excessive over-pressure or noise.  Grill must be unobstructed on both exterior and interior sides.


  1. Review job specifications.
  2. Select location of exhaust air outlet based on the following:
    • Grill should be located so that it does not interfere with occupancy of space.
    • Grill must not be obstructed by furniture or equipment.
    • Grill must have minimum impact on decor.
    • Outlet should not discharge on personnel or equipment outside.
  3. Size exhaust air grill.
    • Determine required exhaust air-flow.
    • Consult manufacturer’s data and select exhaust air grill with minimum noise and static pressure drop.
  4. Document information, make sketch and include weather hood, insect screen and automatic damper on the exterior if applicable.
  5. (Note: Avoid placement of exhaust air outlet near building or equipment air intake or locations that discharge air in personnel spaces or directly on passersby).