HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

Troubleshoot spark-ignition control system

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:

                         131 – Oil Heat l  and  161 – Boilers l


Spark-ignition control system must be analyzed according to manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide. Problems must be identified and repair requirements must be documented.  Applicable safety procedures must be followed.


      1. Review job order and manufacturer’s specifications.
      2. Determine acceptable specifications for fuel and power supply.
      3. Collect tools, equipment and materials.
      4. Put on safety and protective equipment and apparel.
      5. Verify that electrical power and fuel supply are available to equipment.
      6. Follow recommended procedures for diagnosing problems.
      7. Identify interlocking components, safety controls, etc. that may prevent operation of ignition circuit.
      8. Verify that gas supply will provide adequate flow and pressure.
      9. Shut off gas and let furnace cool.
      10. Determine power status required for testing.
      11. Verify that specified voltage is available to furnace.
      12. Check safety switch, door switch and other interlocks to verify satisfactory performance.
      13. After eliminating possibilities of external malfunctioning, analyze ignition system according to manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide or other recognized publication.
      14. Document findings and list necessary repairs.
      15. Place equipment in safe condition.
      16. Remove safety and protective equipment and apparel.
      17. Gather tools, equipment and leftover materials and leave work site clean.