HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

TASK : Determine Size and Routing of Condensate Drain

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:

                         141 – Refrigeration l   and   242 – R410A Refrigerant Technology


Condensate drain must be sized to remove all condensate from equipment.  Drain must discharge to existing open drain or suitable drainage area.  Condensate pipe must not be connected directly to closed drain.


    1. Consult building codes.
    2. Size condensate drain based upon manufacturer’s instructions or based upon average condensate flow of 3 pints/hr. per ton of refrigeration.        (Note:  Pipe size less than ¾ in. is not generally recommended).
    3. Route condensate drain line from drain pan to suitable discharge location.  (Note:  Installed drain line must contain trap that will provide a water leg greater than the static pressure in inches of WC that will be present in drain pan).
    4. If lift is required, install condensate pump downstream from condensate trap.
    5. Install heat tape and insulation where necessary in unheated areas.
    6. Prepare sketch with appropriate notations.