HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

TASK: Install Anchor in Concrete

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:     106 – Building Systems   and   Xcel Energy Quality Installation


Anchor must be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications and job requirements.  Anchor must be correctly located to receive equipment and must be secured in holes to resist torque when bolt or nut is installed.  Applicable safety procedures must be followed.


  1. Review manufacturer’s specifications and job specifications.
  2. Determine installation site, anchor-bolt size, anchor-load capacity, anchor-bolt type and quantity required.
  3. Collect tools, equipment and materials.
  4. Select anchor to meet requirements.
  5. Select masonry bit to match anchor requirements.
  6. Put on safety and protective equipment and apparel.
  7. Locate and mark anchor-bolt pattern (use equipment template if available).
  8. Drill holes to specifications.
  9. Clean holes and set anchor according to specifications.
  10. Remove safety and protective equipment and apparel.
  11. Gather tools, equipment and leftover materials, and leave work site clean.