HVAC Procedure and Performance Guide

Replace gas regulator

Training for this procedure can be found in these courses:

                         131 – Oil Heat l  and  161 – Boilers l


The student will replace a gas regulator according to manufacturer’s specifications and codes only if it is the responsibility of the user; not the gas supplier.  Regulator must be compatible with equipment.  Ensure proper ventilation and applicable safety procedures must be followed.


    1. Review job order, manufacturer’s specifications and codes.
    2. Determine type of gas, and size, type and capacity of regulator.
    3. Determine if responsibility for regulator lies with user or with gas supplier.  If user’s responsibility, proceed as follows:
    4. Collect tools, equipment and materials.
    5. Put on safety and protective equipment and apparel.
    6. Turn off gas and make provisions for ventilating work area.
    7. Bleed gas pressure off system.
    8. Remove old regulator.
    9. Verify that new regulator is suitable replacement.
    10. Install new regulator.
    11. Bleed air and test system for leaks.
    12. If system leaks, recheck connections and make necessary repairs.
    13. Adjust gas pressure.
    14. Fire furnace and check operation of equipment.
    15. Leave equipment in required operating status.
    16. Remove safety and protective equipment and apparel.
    17. Gather tools, equipment and leftover materials, and leave work site clean.