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A Few Words From Our CEO, Chris Compton

This program started in my office 23 years ago with a small director’s grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  Over the years we have grown from the first ever NATE recognized courses to a comprehensive online “Virtual Tech School Program” with 1,600 Hours of HVACR specific curriculum.

Here at HVACRedu.net, you will find an entire range of courses, programs, and exam preps focused on HVACR technology.  This is training designed specifically to elevate the knowledge base and understanding of the technician in the field or someone that wants to get started in this great and challenging career. 

The scope of the HVACR industry is huge with many specialized career paths to follow.  Before you follow a specific path, it is very important that you are first set in a solid knowledge foundation!  Ask any employer and they will confirm how important the foundation knowledge is for ongoing success.  Once that foundation is laid there is no limit to what you can achieve.  With our extensive program we can take you from zero all the way up into many specialized advanced career tracks.

We are HVACR Technician advocates with our total focus on helping you succeed in your career!  

As you take our training, you will find we explain in detail and in a way that works for you.  If you need additional assistance, we have a world class faculty ready to help.  Online learning and support has many advantages; On your schedule, no travel, open for you 24/7/365, available anywhere you can connect, able to review multiple times until you get it, not just once and done.  We exercise our student’s understanding and then assess them to make sure they have got it. 

We provide our program to a wide range of clients from individuals to National & Global organizations.  Over the years we have received National awards and have been accredited by several 3rd party accrediting bodies.  That’s all well and good but our real accomplishment is the thousands of learners that have come through our portals, started a new direction into the world of HVAC, and then continue to come back as they climb higher in their careers.

The Crew and I are here to make your learning experience worthwhile and rewarding as you move up the ladder of your career.

                                                                                                          Chris Compton, CEO