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NATE Specialty AC Program

After you’ve completed the NATE Ready to Work program (step 1), and followed that with the NATE Core Program (step 2), you’ll be ready to take the third and final step toward becoming a NATE Certified Technician — The NATE Air Conditioning Technician Certification Specialty Program. This program is designed to prepare a learner for the NATE Air Conditioning Specialty Certification Exam. The overall success rate for our learners who complete this portion of the certification process is over 90%. Courses in this program are taken in sequence, one at a time. To better understand all the topics included, you can read the specific course descriptions in our Master Catalog. You will have up to 60 days to complete each course, but you can move more quickly if you are able to learn that fast.

NATE suggests that technicians have two years of field experience working on Air Conditioning systems as a service technician coupled with an educational program before attempting the Specialty Area Certification Exam. We can help you get through it. The AC Specialty Exam Tests a candidate’s knowledge of the installation, service, maintenance, and repair of HVAC systems. System sizes are limited to 30 tons or less cooling capacity. To become NATE-certified, you must first pass a Service Core exam one time and then the AC Specialty exam.

The courses included in this third step toward NATE Certification are:

104 Copper Works (12 hours)

113 Electrical Common Components (18 hours)

114 Electrical Motors (21 hours)

121 System Properties & Measurement (18 hours)

141 Refrigeration I (18 hours)

142 Refrigeration II (18 hours)

241 Intro to Cooling System Troubleshooting (18 hours)

242 R-410A Refrigerant Technology (18 hours)

EPA 608 Certification Prep (12 Hours)

EPA 608 Exam (included in the program price)

And, after you complete the courses, we provide you with 30 days of practice exam questions to prepare you for almost anything you will encounter on the NATE Exam.

Tekassist (Final Prep for NATE Certificaton Exam)

After you complete the NATE Air Conditioning Technician Certification Program listed above with a score of 70% or higher, you’re ready for the NATE Air Conditioning Specialty Certification Exam. The cost of taking the NATE Specialty Exam is included in this program. A voucher code, good for (1) exam, will be provided to you for the NATE AC Exam.