CSUSA Technician Academy


DDC Bootcamp (Direcr Digital Control Systems)

Modules Include:

  • Overview of typical DDC System Today.
  • Field Controllers.
  • Inputs.
  • Outputs
  • Control Strategies and Operator Tasks.
  • Web Based control Systems.

 The vast majority of commercial buildings today utilize Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems. Any technician working in a commercial building must have a basic understanding of these systems. Technicians choosing a career path in controls must have an even greater understanding of these systems. 

This six module series is designed for new hires and those transitioning from residential systems to commercial building HVAC and control systems. Direct Digital Control system types and configurations are presented and discussed. The course is generic and not focused on one manufacturer or type. Emphasis is put on real-world troubleshooting and operation scenarios.  It will cover common commercial HVAC systems and multiple generations of controls.