444 - Rack Tech Program

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The Rack Tech Program is an advanced program, perfect for HVACR technicians and contractors who want to better understand refrigeration systems used in commercial applications like stores, warehouses, restaurants, and product and food services.

30 instructional hours  – Written by Bob Feathers

The 444 Rack Tech is an advanced program totaling 30 instructional hours. Students will take one course at a time in a systematic progression that moves through market refrigeration and the specific technologies focusing on Parallel and Unparallel Rack Systems and Applications.

The modules making up the Program are:

  • Intro to Supermarket l
  • Intro to Supermarket ll
  • Oil Management
  • Head Pressure Control
  • Heat Reclaim
  • Liquid Distribution
  • Case Temp Control
  • Defrost Applications
  • Compressor Protection
  • System Capacity Control

Prerequisites: This advanced program is designed for HVACR technicians, facilities managers, and commercial maintenance technicians who have already completed an educational program for HVACR and/or have current industry work experience in the field. The program will build on your existing knowledge of HVACR fundamentals and equipment and help you learn commercial supermarket applications and systems.

Grades: Students who complete the program with a grade of 70% or higher will receive a certificate of completion. This program qualifies for our pay-as-you-go in-house financing.

Recommended Textbook: “Commercial Refrigeration 4th Edition” by Dick Wirz

Textbook Reference: https://www.hvacrassets.net/Textbook/TextbookPage081021.pdf

Full Price: $870.00