Facilties Engineering Technician
Complete Training Program

About the Course

The FET (Facilities Engineering Technician) is a fully customizable self-directed online program designed to provide comprehensive workforce education to facility technician employees worldwide. The FET program can be directed and prioritized by the employer to meet the most pressing needs of the installation operation.

We’ve kept it as simple as possible.

Online Self Directed Training

The online program is a rigorous academic CTE (Career Technical Education) model. Student support is provided by two key student support groups.

·         Student Support Services

·         Registration into each section in the selected sequence

·         Monitoring of Attendance

·         Employer notification of less than satisfactory performance

·         Reporting to employer on student progress

·         Issuance of Certificate of Completion upon successfully passing each section

·         Online Faculty- mentoring and technical topic assistance directly to the FET student

·         Business hour communications via email, chat, Skype and phone

The self-directed online course uses a proven online delivery system pioneered by HVACRedu.net specifically for the technical workforce. The program currently consists of up to 970 hours of curriculum provided in course sections that range in length from 3 hours to 50 hours depending on the topic covered. Expansion of the program offerings is an ongoing and continuous effort undertaken by the HVACRedu.net development team.

Training and Time Management

The online program model is called an ALN (Asynchronous Learning Network). The study is self-directed, done on your schedule at your time and place but must be diligently pursued to complete per year.

The annual tuition for the program is based upon 160 Hours of course work per year. 160 hours breaks down to an average of 13 hours per month over the term of 12 months or 3+ hours per week. In this online program, the technician student is not required to keep to a specific time and place schedule, but progress must be made every week. HVACRedu.net student services track student attendance and performance and will intercede when attendance or performance falls below acceptable levels.

The FET student can elect to be placed on “hold” to accommodate life issues that occur such as vacation time, family emergencies, etc. When those life issues are resolved or completed, they just have to notify student services that they are ready to proceed with their program. The program session must be accomplished in the calendar year, which begins at the time of initial enrollment.

The best way of getting the look and feel of the program is to schedule a live demonstration with our FET Team Leader.

Whats Covered In The Program

Common Core Courses

050 Trade Math

109 Basic Hand & Power Tools

010-3 Work Habits

015 Customer Service Skills

102 Safety

107 Building Science Introduction

Introduction to Blueprints

Water Heating

WH-01 Water Heating Fundamentals

WH-02 High Efficiency Water Heating

WH-03 Water Heating Maintenance

WH-04 High Efficiency Water Heating Maintenance


191 Introduction to Hydronics

161 Commercial/Industrial Boiler Intro

B-01 Commercial Boiler Fundamentals

B-02 Industrial Boiler Fundamentals

B-03 Small Commercial Boiler Maintenance

B-04 Large Commercial Boiler Maintenance


111 DC Electrical Theory

B-05 Industrial Boiler Maintenance

B-06 High Efficiency Commercial Boilers

171 Low Pressure Boiler License Prep

Boiler Room Essentials FSA


Back Flow Preventers

General Plumbing Maintenance 

306 Operations Management

A-La-Cart Courses

112 AC Electrical Theory

114 Electric Motors

Automatic Transfer Switch

ATS-01 Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment Safety 

ATS-02 Fundamentals Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment

ATS-03 Operating and Maintaining Automatic Transfer Switch Equipment 

Electric Motors

E-01 Efficient Motor Control

E-02 Maintaining Efficient Motor Systems


E-03 High Efficiency Lighting

E-04 Maintaining High Efficiency Lighting


GEN-01 On Site Generation Fundamentals

GEN-02 CHP Operation & Maintenance

GEN-03 Maintenance Back Up Generators

306 Operations Management

HVAC for Facility Technicians

101 Applied Physics Fundamentals

111 DC Electrical Theory

112 AC Electrical Theory

113 Common HVACR Electrical Devices

114 Electric Motors

121 Air Properties & Measurement

122-1 Fundamentals of Load Calculations

122-2 Heat Loss of a Structure                           

122-3 Heat Gain of a Structure

123-1 Fundamentals of Air Flow

123-2 Air Distribution Systems

133 Gas Combustion & Small Appliances

141 Refrigeration I (Basic Cycle)

142 Refrigeration II (Common Components)

242 R-410 Technology

EPA 608 Exam Prep

135 Air Source Heat Pumps

137 Geothermal Heat Pumps

221 Indoor Air Quality

241 Intro to Cooling Troubleshooting

243 Advanced Troubleshooting

186 Economizer Certificate ADEC

HVAC-01 High Efficiency HVAC

HVAC-02 HVAC System Maintenance Chillers

HVAC-03 HVAC System Maintenance Cooling Towers

HVAC-04 HVAC System Maintenance Rooftop Units

HVAC-05 High Efficiency Ventilation

306 Operations Management

Building Automation Systems

111 DC Electrical Theory

112 AC Electrical Theory

114 Electric Motors

151 Building Automation Systems I

152 Building Automation Systems II

153 BAS DDC Networking I 

154 BAS DDC Networking II 

155 BAS GUI Points 

156 BAS Basic DDC Programming 

306 Operations Management 

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