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3D Immersive Training Simulation Unveiled As New HVACR Training Exercise

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Explore this amazing 3D environment – make a house call and perform checks and measurements on the entire house cooling system using a full toollbox of virtual tools!

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“Did You Know?” Show Hosts and features a LIVE DEMONSTRATION of this 3D Interactive Simulation!

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“We are thrilled to help launch this game-changing platform that aims to revolutionize virtual training and certification in the HVACR industry. This auspicious event will bring together industry professionals to explore cutting-edge techniques, share knowledge, and shape the future of HVACR education. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey and unlock new possibilities for learning advancement. Mark your calendars and be ready to take part in this groundbreaking event!” – Clifton Beck, Manager of Digital Media for ESCO Institute

3D Immersive Training Simulation Offered As Leads Online Training Into The Future

The development of virtual lifelike education here at not only demonstrates our committment to remaining the most complete and comprehensive HVACR Training Program in the nation, but also brings significant benefits to our HVACR technicians, by providing immersive training that is more effective and engaging with advances in innovation and technology. Student technicians will have the ability to conduct realistic diagnoses and repairs with their computer in a 3D environment before being deployed to the field, providing them with a realistic learning experience, and real-world machine-level knowledge.

“As the premier HVACR online training program in North America, we are thrilled to partner with Finnovant to deliver advanced immersive training in a 3D environment,” says Chris Compton, Founder and CEO  “This engaging and innovative training will make it much easier for students to learn how to diagnose and repair HVAC systems from the comfort of their own homes.  Field work will be more productive and cost-effective as the student has previously mastered the diagnosis and repair in an immersive virtual environment.”

One of the key benefits of lifelike education is that it will help ensure the next crop of HVACR technicians are highly skilled and trained to be effective the first day they are hired. The current generation of HVACR technicians have grown up with mobile devices, PCs, and the internet and have expressed a keen interest in this new method of training, demonstrating the potential for the technology to transform the HVACR industry.

“We are excited to work with to help revolutionize training in the HVACR industry,” said Brian Maw, CEO of  Finnovant. “By leveraging our expertise in hyper-realistic 3D technology, we believe every person can benefit from an unparalleled training experience.’s future generation of technicians will find this new learning environment quite engaging, and we are very excited that a whole new crop of technicians will join the HVACR industry to take advantage of this leap in innovation”

This new interactive simulation enables the user to interact in a 3D environment, making a house call and performing various system checks on the house cooling system and will be featured at length on ESCO’s HVAC Show, “Did You Know?”   (Details below)

The introduction of virtual, interactive simulations to the training experience increases the dynamics as well as the effectiveness of the educational process, resulting in a higher retention of information and applicable hands-on skills.

According to “Requiring or encouraging the learner to follow steps, click through items, answer questions or repeat demonstrated processes with well-designed feedback helps them to better engage with the content, which provides a lot of benefits to them and to the place where that training ultimately applies in their work. When interactive elements are added in a smart way, it can help learners better understand the training and apply it to the desired outcome of the training, whether that’s learning to do their job better, understanding topics or picking up a new skill.”

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