121 - HVAC Systems Air Properties and Measurement

(18 hours / 60 days)  Intermediate

Written by Chris Compton

Full Price: $270.00

Your introduction to HVAC comfort systems.

In this course we discuss heat energy, the conditions of human comfort, the psychrometric chart and plotting various air conditions upon it.

Included is the top-rated eBook on the topic entitled, “Psychrometrics Without Tears” to help you digest the important concepts of air and how the various properties relate to each other.

We complete the course by introducing the terms, concepts, measurements, and calculations of moving air. Instruction aligns with ACCA Quality Installation & Maintenance Standards. This course is recognized for 18 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE re-certification.

Six modules cover:

  • Heat Energy and Comfort
  • Properties of Air
  • Psychrometrics
  • Total Heat In Air
  • Measuring a Heavy Invisible Moving Volume
  • Air Flow Measurement

*If you are only taking a few courses with us there is not a requirement for a textbook. We will always recommend to our students to have a good general textbook for reference, the mark of a professional!

Each course purchase allows 60 days enrollment to complete. Must obtain a 70% or higher to obtain CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Full Price: $270.00