122 - HVAC Load Calculations

(18 hours/60 days)  Advanced

Written by Phil Rains

Full Price: $288.00

Residential load calculations is a method to determine the heating and cooling BTU/H loads of structures prior to installing HVACR systems to meet those loads.

You will need the required text: Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J, 8th Abridged Edition (MJ8-AE). This manual provides thorough instructions for estimating heat loss and heat gain for residential structures and helps to simplify complicated procedures that are often used on a variety of home applications. 122 Systems provides instruction for completing load calculations by hand, which is necessary prior to attempting any computerized load program. We focus on following the concepts of MJ8-AE while further simplifying the methodology emphasized in the manual. Students will utilize a “simple” residential structure and follow the steps to calculate both heat loss and heat gain for its location and outdoor design temperatures. This course also covers residential equipment selection focused on the heating and cooling equipment Btu/h loads of a structure.

Recommended Prerequisites: you will want to have a strong working knowledge of HVACR fundamentals prior to enrollment into this advanced course.

This course is recognized for 18 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE re-certification.

Six modules cover:

  • Fundamentals of Load Calculations
  • Heat Loss of a Structure
  • Heat Gain of a Structure
  • Example Heat Loss and Heat Gain Calculation
  • Fundamentals of Equipment Selection
  • Regional Load Calculation Exercises

This course requires the ACCA Manual J 8th Edition AE. Click Here.

Each course purchase allows 60 days enrollment to complete. Must obtain a 70% or higher to obtain CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Full Price: $288.00