264 - HVACR Industrial Steam Boiler Maintenance

(9 hours / 30 days) Intermediate

Full Price: $135.00

Boilers work best when properly maintained. This course presents the necessary and recommended daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual, and contractor maintenance tasks; and shows best practices for documenting and record-keeping that the maintenance was performed on schedule. When performed properly and on schedule, the tasks contribute to keeping an industrial steam boiler system operating efficiently.

Instruction aligns with ACCA Quality Installation & Maintenance Standards. This course is recognized for 9 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to NATE re-certification.

Modules cover:

  • Daily Maintenance and Record Keeping
  • Industrial Steam Boiler Maintenance – Weekly and Monthly
  • Industrial Steam Boiler Maintenance – Semi-Annual, Annual, and Contractors

Each course purchase allows 30 days enrollment to complete. Must obtain a 70% or higher to obtain CEU recognition. Course provides you with a Subject Matter Expert (mentor) to assist with questions and all course materials for the duration of the course.

Full Price: $135.00