HVACR Professional Training Program

  • The following professional HVAC courses and programs are available on a one-year subscription basis at $360.00 per Learner, per 12-month period.

  • Industry Recognized HVAC/R Training

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Catalog of Courses and Programs

Each of the courses listed below are included in the subscription program of $360.00 per learner - per year

General HVAC

101 Fundamentals

An introduction to the HVAC fundamentals and terminology, and the applied physics concepts that are utilized in HVAC systems.  Subjects include measurements, heat, pressure, gas properties, and air properties. Instruction aligns with ANSI/ACCA Quality Installation and ANSI/ ACCA/ ASHRAE Standard180. This course is recognized for 18 hours of continuing education (CEHs) applicable to North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recertification.


The Modules Cover: 

• Measurements 

• Heat Energy 

• Pressure 

• Gas Works 

• Air Works 

• Introduction to the Industry 


Expected End of Course Outcomes:

• Understand the methods and physics behind the movement of heat energy

• Understand the changes of refrigerant state in a refrigeration system

• Understand and visualize the effects of proper airflow

• Be able to identify key associations in the HVAC industry

103 Basic Sheet Metal
104 Copper Works
121 Systems Air Properties and Measurement
122 Air Properties and Measurement
123 Air Distribution
141 Refrigeration I
221 Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Basics
241 Introduction to Cooling
242 HVAC 410a Service


133 Gas Heat I
135 Heat Pumps


111 Electrical DC Theory Plus
112 Electrical AC Theory Plus
113 Electrical Common Components
114 Electrical Motors