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Hello Ron – (Ron Auvil, BAS Instructor)                                                                                                               June 3, 2021

I walked thru the first module of the online course and let me tell you, I’m really honored to be enrolled in such a well constructed and updated program.  I was not aware of your credentials in this field and it is really remarkable that you are a pioneer on the DDC BAS educational field. Wow, I’m in shock. I made the mistake of taking that first exam without the book or the printed handouts and I got a 75%. I’m sure I would have gotten a 90% or better with the correct printed material. I bought the online book and hope to print what I can for the next class and exam.

I hope to continue in this career field as far as I can and I’m looking forward to your resources on this topic. Thank you very much for your input.

Best,    Michael Alvarez

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