Customer Profile #3: Commercial Refrigeration Employer

Who Exactly Is This Customer?

A shop in size from 5 to 100’s of technicians.  Depending on the size of the client base they might be local only or multi-state service shops.  They may do installation and service or just service.  Small shops will serve small groceries, convenience stores, restaurants, lounges.  Large shops will serve national accounts such as food and beverage stores, supermarket chains, etc.  

What Difficulties/Desires Do They Have?

The Difficulties:

Difficulties:  The same as any employer in the HVACR space.  Not enough competent technicians.

What Desires:

  • A comprehensive training program that can be implemented at the drop of a hat.
  • The ability to grow their company by adding a trained workforce
  • Competent workforce that increased revenue and profitability
  • Competent workforce that provides a competitive advantage in the market place

Why Do They Need/Want What We Have?

  • Need to up-skill their existing workforce
  • Need to train entry-level new to the industry employees to “Truck Ready”
  • net has the only comprehensive “online” Commercial Refrigeration program available.
  • Online/On-Demand makes implementation very simple to employers/decision makers.

What Do They Know/Don’t Know About What We Do?

They DON’T know about us and what we can do!  That is the whole point of engaging with a sales force.  Presenting our program in a F2F situation to decision makers. 

Why Has This Customer Profile Bought Historically?

To implement a “formal and effective turn-key” training program for their employees in a very quick time frame.  When an employer finally determines that they need a program ours is very attractive related to the content and cost.