Customer Profile #4: Facilities Maintenance Employers

Who Exactly Is This Customer?

This employer is typically a Chief Engineer or Facilities Manager/Director for a business that has a large building or building complex to keep running efficiently and comfortably for it’s occupants.  They may have a small 1-3 man crew or hundreds, depending on the size and complexity of the facility.  Examples: Hospitals, School Campuses (Universities, colleges, school districts), Government agencies of all types, Property/building management companies, Hotels, etc.  The systems are in the Commercial HVAC category and can range from small to large systems with a huge diversity in types and controls.   

What Difficulties/Desires Do They Have?

The Difficulties:

Difficulties: The same difficulties as the entire HVACR industry, No qualified technicians.  Recruitment of entry level candidates can be done locally but then they need training.  “Truck Ready” is a common phrase used by employers.

What Desires:

  • A comprehensive training program that can be implemented at the drop of a hat.
  • The ability to grow their company by adding a trained workforce
  • Competent workforce that increased revenue and profitability
  • Competent workforce that provides a competitive advantage in the market place

Why Do They Need/Want What We Have?

Human comfort in their buildings is directly related to the success/profitability of the facility.  Energy efficiency is a top priority after comfort.  Large facilities suck up incredible amounts of energy. has a large offering specifically for facility type systems.  No one else in the online HVACR training arena comes close to what we offer in a formal progressive program.   

What Do They Know/Don’t Know About What We Do?

They DON’T know about us and what we can do!  That is the whole point of engaging with a sales force.  Presenting our program in a F2F situation to decision makers. 

Why Has This Customer Profile Bought Historically?

  • Need to up-skill their existing workforce
  • Need to train entry-level new to the industry employees to “Truck Ready
  • Need to demonstrate to their administration that the troops are being trained
  • Found our online training is convenient and very cost effective