Customer Profile #1: Residential HVAC Employer

Who Exactly Is This Customer?

Residential HVAC Contractor with 5-10 employees or more.  The national average HVAC company.  They are a dealer for a manufacturer, Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Rheem, etc.  They have two sides to the company, Installation (Construction) and Service.  Our training is heavy on the service side (technical)

The employer/decision maker is not interested in doing training in-house but recognizes that his technicians need training.  The consistent issue is the desire to grow their business which they cannot do without having the workforce to service customers. 

What Difficulties/Desires Do They Have?

The Difficulties:

  • Inability to find qualified technicians which means they hire untrained people and train them.
    • This is a sweet spot for
    • Employers want someone else to train their techs
  • Lack of technician competency indicated by “call-backs” from dissatisfied customers
    • Existing workforce needs to be up-skilled
  • Inability to respond in a timely manner to customer demand
    • Not enough qualified technicians

What Desires:

  • To Increase profitability
  • To increase their market share (Grow the company)
    • Limited by access to technicians
  • To Improve their current workforce’s abilities
    • Technically*
    • Soft Skills
  • Employer may want to reduce their own workload

Why Do They Need/Want What We Have?

To address their desires they need professional technology training for their technicians.  Our unique program provides that with an online/on-demand program can be implemented immediately.  The scope of the program will cover anything that their technicians need.  They are able to monitor their learners and recognize the ROI that it brings to the business.     

What Do They Know/Don’t Know About What We Do?

They don’t know much if anything about who we are or what we do, that is the point of launching a sales force.  To personally bring our program to employers to consider.  Consistently, when engaging with new clients (Large or Small), the most common comment heard is “I never knew about this program”.  Sales point:  We provide an organized curriculum that begins with the fundamentals of HVAC and increases in technology to the more intricate topics and systems found in the Residential market.

Why Has This Customer Profile Bought Historically?

This customer, or those like him, have bought historically to up-skill their workforce or train new entry-level employees.  Residential employers will consider the Apprenticeship program or the NATE Certified Technician program usually that is purchased in steps 1-3.  Both of those programs will suffice as top training for a residential employer.