Trade Schools: Equipping the Modern Workforce

The Value of Trade Schools and Equipping the Modern Workforce In a world engrossed with student loan debts and relentless debates on forgiveness, there’s an adage that provides much-needed perspective: “Nobody talks about forgiving Trade School debt because they all learned a useful skill and can pay their own way.” Such sentiments highlight the


Todd Kler and Esco’s Clifton Beck on ‘The Inverter Evolution’

We’re excited to announce that‘s very own Certified Master HVAC Educator (CMHE), Todd Kler, recently appeared on Esco Institute’s “Did You Know – The Esco HVAC Show” Podcast, hosted by Clifton Beck. In this illuminating episode, Todd shared his invaluable insights into one of the HVAC/R industry’s most transformative advancements – the shift from conventional

Todd Kler, Certified Master HVACR Educator - CMHE

Todd Kler, Certified Master HVACR Educator!

HVAC Excellence is pleased to announce it has bestowed the title of Certified Master HVACR Educator “CMHE” upon Todd Kler of, in Menifee, California. When a person transitions from the field into the classroom they may hold various industry certifications, however, an instructor needs a deeper understanding of the physics and theories required to teach their

BioFi Interactive - SS

‘BioFi Interactive’ – Groundbreaking Simulated-3D Interactive Experience! In the ever-evolving world of HVAC/R training, who has pioneered online HVAC/R training for 27 years is introducing a groundbreaking 3D interactive training simulation.  The launch of a virtual lifelike simulation at, dubbed ‘BioFi Interactive’ will bring significant benefits to HVAC/R students, by providing immersive training that is more effective and engaging with


Facilities Engineering Technician Program

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the demand for skilled facilities engineering technicians is on the rise. As technology advances and industries expand, businesses require qualified professionals to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of their facilities.’s Facilities Engineering Technician (FET) Program is a comprehensive online training program designed to meet the needs of facility

Math Skills

Strengthen Your Math Skills for Everyday Life

Strengthen Your Math Skills for Everyday Life and HVAC/R Success with’s ONLINE Applied Math Course Introduction Mathematics is an indispensable skill that we rely on in our everyday lives, and the HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) industry is no exception. Whether it’s calculating how much change you should receive at the grocery

Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply.

Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply.

Refrigeration. Protecting Our Food Supply. Refrigeration is a vital component of the world’s food supply. It is used to store and transport perishable goods, keeping them fresh and safe for consumption. However, the demand for refrigeration technicians is increasing as the world’s population grows and new technologies emerge. The United States Department of Labor estimates